Filling The World With Love – Start With Your Own Life

happy-coupleMany social activists commit there lives to improving the world, helping the less fortunate, and teaching people to love one another to benefit communities. However, many of the people, like most of the population, overlook the need to create and nurture loving relationships in their own personal lives. But assuming you are single, and male, here are a few things to consider for getting more love in your life:

First, realized that women in the corporate world lead lives as hectic as yours, which is why knowing how to attract women in the office can help interested bachelors get dates. If you have been eyeing a certain female co-worker in your office, impressing her and getting her attention should be part of your daily goals, so you want to get her to go on a date with you.

There are many ways to do this, but the key thing in my opinion is to work on developing your personality, and being able to put yourself in a good attractive mood anytime you wish. This in combination with some of the more advanced attraction techniques from a program like Dr David’s Desire System can really help to get the women you work with to notice you. Haven’t heard of The Desire System? Read a full Desire System review here

Want something a bit more concrete? Well, it never hurts to dress fashionably and appropriately. Taking the times to make sure you look and smell good will help a lot to attract the attention of the ladies as you go about your 8-5 routine. In addition, work on being punctual and performing well in the office. Efficiency can attract ladies because it shows that you are the kind of guy who gets things done.

Next, you want to make sure to talk to her regularly without overdoing it. Start by having some small talk for a few days before trying to set up a date. When you see her, say hi and then tell her some jokes to brighten up her day. When learning how to attract women in the office, never underestimate the power of a great sense of humor. Being her source of comic relief in the office can make her want to see you more.

Once you’ve broken the ice and when you’ve been able to charm her and make her laugh, suggest a friendly lunch date with some other workmates—or if you dare, just the two of you! Be confident enough to show her that you would like to spend some time with just her. Once she says yes to lunch, you can work your way to asking her out for dinner later.

I know these may seem like small things to do, but if you start taking action and doing these things on a regular basis, you will soon find yourself in a loving relationship, and in doing so you will be spreading love throughout the world.

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Manifesting And The Process Of Concentration


Since time began, man has sought various means of making their dreams come true. This has led to the development of different techniques that supposedly aid in getting the fondest of desires to turn into actual reality. Manifesting is one of the more popular of these techniques.

The problem, however, with the manifest concept and many other similar techniques is that this has made people believe that there is a quick and easy way to succeed in life without doing anything. This is the basic error in such techniques. Nevertheless, to the credit of those who espouse the manifestation process, they have never said that this will bring in prosperity in minutes.

Clearly, some form of work will still need to be performed. In this case, the obvious need is to continuously work on getting the mind to focus on whatever it is that a person wants to become a tangible reality.

Naturally, this is not something that each and every individual can do with ease. For starters, this requires concentration, and given the many problems that life brings on a daily basis, the process of concentration can be a bit difficult to complete.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to find various seminars being held that seek to help people gain better concentration skills. Some of these will likely be highly recommended by people you know, especially for those who are serious about utilizing positivity techniques in order to help improve their lives.

For those who can’t make it out to seminars as often as they make like to there are also home study training programs like Manifestation Miracle which uses a technique called destiny tuning. Programs like these allow you to learn about manifesting at your own pace and typically provide video and/or audio training modules that walk you through the systems. (You can read a review on Honesty First Reviews.)

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Tips To Help Older Folks Stay Fit And In The Game

As you age it is normal to gradually begin to feel a little less of a spring in your step. But that being said, if you are passionate about making changes in the world then it is imperative that you take good care of your body to prevent premature aging and all of the sickness and disease that go along with it.

You may be wondering what exactly are you supposed to do to stay in shape after 40. There certainly is no shortage of health gurus and supposed experts ready to weigh in on this. Interestingly, a program called Old School New Body has a protocol it calls the F4X exercise protocol that lets you train for very brief workouts that get you pumped up with youthful juices. It has actually become one of the top exercise programs for older adults.

Of course you want to ask your doctor first before you ever change your diet, exercise or other health regimes. No content on this site or on YouTube should ever be considered health advice. So don’t go doing anything crazy and hurting yourself. Just remember that you only have one body and its your responsibility to take care of it so it can keep you in the game fighting the good fight.

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The Message In Public Interest Messages

cute spraypainted polar bears
No polar bears were spray-painted in the creation of this PSA.

The goal in coming up with a message that seeks to protect public interest is to raise the level of awareness among the people. This type of message is disseminated to various media channels and is often publicly displayed without the corresponding fees. For this reason, the term public interest message is sometimes referred to as public service announcements or advertisements or PSAs for short.

The term is also known by a variety of names depending on the place or country where they are being used. In Hong Kong, for instance, messages pertaining to public interest are called APIs or announcements in the public interest. On the other hand, the British refer to these types of advertisements as PIFs or public information films.

Regardless of how they are called, the importance of these public announcements can hardly be denied. Apart from raising public awareness about serious social problems, these messages can also help change existing public perception about a given issue. Consequently, the more appropriate public behavior can be adopted which should lead to an eventual resolution of the problem.

PSAs can cover a wide variety of topics so long as these involve the well-being of the people. In general, however, whenever PSAs are produced, it is often because of a growing concern about the safety of the public. This can either be due to an impending natural or man-made disaster or the increasing presence of an unknown disease that threatens widespread illness and death.

A good example of this would be a public announcement about the things that should be done when an earthquake hits a given area. Several countries in the Asian region like the Philippines are especially vulnerable to such a disaster given their geographical locations. As such, the concerned governments are tasked with the job of coming up with public messages about earthquake preparedness in order to help local residents become better-equipped if and when strong tremors take place.

In the US, certain places, notably California, are said to be earthquake-prone as well due to a large fault existing in their midst. Public service announcements about the need to be constantly vigilant are seen as invaluable if only to keep Californians on their toes.

Given the level of importance that many PSAs are known to carry, the producers of these messages often make use of prominent personalities to ensure more effective delivery. At other times, these public announcements are integrated as short segments in popular TV programs and are usually placed at the concluding part of these shows.

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