Tips To Help Older Folks Stay Fit And In The Game

As you age it is normal to gradually begin to feel a little less of a spring in your step. But that being said, if you are passionate about making changes in the world then it is imperative that you take good care of your body to prevent premature aging and all of the sickness and disease that go along with it.

You may be wondering what exactly are you supposed to do to stay in shape after 40. There certainly is no shortage of health gurus and supposed experts ready to weigh in on this. Interestingly, a program called Old School New Body has a protocol it calls the F4X exercise protocol that lets you train for very brief workouts that get you pumped up with youthful juices. It has actually become one of the top exercise programs for older adults.

Of course you want to ask your doctor first before you ever change your diet, exercise or other health regimes. No content on this site or on YouTube should ever be considered health advice. So don’t go doing anything crazy and hurting yourself. Just remember that you only have one body and its your responsibility to take care of it so it can keep you in the game fighting the good fight.

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